My way

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"I wanted to tell the world just one word.

Unable to do it I became a writer."

Stanisław Jerzy Lec

...Something frighteningly similar happened to me around my forties.

Since the age of three I have been obsessed with filmmaking, acting and everything connected with arts. What follows is a rather banal story of children's passions and parental preferences divergence. As a result, after my graduation from the Finance Academy in 2002, I started my career in the insurance business. At the age of twenty five I was invited to join one of the leading aviation insurance companies in Russia. By the age of thirty I was in charge of international aviation insurance division. Banquets, conferences, travelling. A steady stream of phone calls, dozens of emails each day to be answered and an electronic calendar crammed for several months in advance. The more well-fed my world around became, the more clearly the emptiness inside was felt. I was thirty five, when no arguments about the worthiness of the occupied position and success of self-realization could compensate the screaming meaninglessness of the happening. The moment came and I said to myself: "Enough!»


For the next five years after I have been working hard on finding something right for myself. I've established an online Art of Negotiations School, worked as a business coach, written a book on career development, completed several courses in psychology, blogged on a healthy lifestyle, worked in charities and studied web design. I was desperately searching for my path and by my fortieth birthday I finally became brave enough to start something I had most dreamed about and found most scary to fail in.

Today, I find my inspiration in filling colours on canvas with stories and filling stories in screenplays with colours. I am still learning, but finally there is no doubt that I am walking my way.

I am open to any creative collaboration and ideas.

Be welcome to get in touch with me any time.

Natalia Vengerova



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